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YORK, PA 17402


1730 Paulson Drive
York, Pennsylvania 17402
March 14, 1998

Dr. Stuart E. Lease
758 Jessanda Circle
Lakeland, Florida 33813

Dear Dr. Lease:
We should not be amazed or surprised to see how the Lord works!....How He works His will ahead of time (years ahead of us— even “before the foundation of the world!” But, as I come before the heavenly Father, I stand in awe of how He has used your desires and thoughts and intents of your heart and life! As I was reading the Radio Interview that you did over WDAC-FM back in 1979 (after I typed the words from the cassette you gave) with Mr. Ralph Haneman, I could see the exact words that the Lord wanted you to express: the new ministries’ name —SCRIPTURE-CENTERED MINISTRIES; the fact that your life’s purpose (a life centered in the Word of God); His direction of your life and various ministries: background and experiences at Lancaster Bible College; your education; your location in ministering the Word of God in college teaching and speaking at churches and Bible conferences, and even here at Good Life Ministries at the Moody Bible Institute Bible classes and banquets or covered-dish dinners; those individuals who have had an important influence in your life (your parents, brother, other Bible speakers, the many wonderful books, etc.; ....even life’s trials and testings— so that you could be used by the Lord in the outreach of sharing with others how the Lord ministered and encouraged you through the Word of God that indeed has the answers to the many problems of life— but, especially “Imparting the Eternal Word of God to the eternal souls of men (and women)!” How marvellously God has been leading you!
Isn’t it wonderful how faithful the Lord is! He never leaves us or forsakes His servants, but we can always look to Him in faith believing that His promises are both true and steadfast! But, ...He had a tremendous plan for you in the future when He placed in your heart the idea of SCRIPTURE-CENTERED MINISTRIES! (As George and I were reading the book where you kept the “Minutes” of the newly formed organization, we could see how God was preparing you for a future work with us, although at that time His method and ways for the SCM was not fully revealed. His “No” was really, “Wait!” God knows best when a ministry will be used! The many messages from His precious Word at the various churches, conferences, etc. had to be recorded so that they could be transferred into book-form and into the computer— to be shared with many dear souls over the Internet. Only the Lord in His wisdom, as we commit these messages to Him, knows the extent and end results of the initial idea He planted in your heart to do His will and purpose! I am reminded of that verse in Isaiah 55:11, “So shall My Word be that goeth forth out of My mouth [and then as you speak it]: it [The Word of God] shall not return unto Me void, but it shall accomplish that which I [the Lord] please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent [or send] it.” “God does not lie...” (Titus 1:2), but we can fully trust that His promises are certain and will not fail!
All the messages from the Word of God which I now have and am transcribing them into the computer; Joseph arranging through the technology the Lord has made possible for him to know (putting these messages into page form and then soon to make available through the Internet and Web Site), individuals and missionaries will be able to receive print outs to help them in their growth in the Word and in their work for the Lord. We believe that God will use your messages to teach the right fundamental doctrines “for the edification of believers and the evangelization of the lost,” (your purpose for SCRIPTURE-CENTERED MINISTRIES), as you shared in that Interview over WDAC-FM. (I am so grateful to the Lord for the privileged opportunity that He is giving me at this time in transcribing the taped messages for His use!)
I pray that the Lord will touch your heart to give GOOD LIFE MINISTRIES the permission (with your approval) to use “SCRIPTURE-CENTERED MINISTRIES” as a Heading for all these messages that can be available to the “whosoever” who wants to receive them (print outs from the Web Site, without any charge). Those who want any Bible series in Spiral Booklet form, may receive them for the nominal cost of printing, shipping and handling. I have been informed that these SCM Messages could reach over 48 million people, if they would so desire to receive them! What a potential outreach there is as we realize this special outreach with the Gospel and the Word of God— Co-laborers together with God! (George said that he has never heard of a Camp ministry which offered messages and teachings such as what will be given through this Ministry, and which also can be used as a follow-up type of study, over the Internet!)
Your very words, when asked by Mr. Ralph Haneman, concerning his question of the extent and outreach you thought it would be.... was probably “the East Coast and possibly in the future into the foreign fields with and to the missionaries!” We know that God is not limited to boundaries, but “it shall accomplish.....and....prosper whereto I send it!”
Yes!....God is so good! I believed God, in the past— back in August of last year; I believe God in the present— now as I type the words from the cassettes; and I believe great things from the Lord for you and for the far-reaching results from the messages of the Word of God— in the future! As a prayer-partner in this ministry with GOOD LIFE MINISTRIES, Inc., pray with us that this “legacy” will continue to be given out and used mightily by God, even after we are no longer here! I am reminded now of that verse in Revelation 14:13, “Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord from henceforth. Yea, saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their labors, and THEIR WORKS DO FOLLOW THEM!” What an inheritance it is, to hand down the Word of God, an inheritance of eternal value, an inheritance to reach the lost and to edify believers— an eternal inheritance which cannot be wasted or spent like money or be stolen or could be deteriorated, like possessions or antiques! The ministry of the Word of God can bring BLESSINGS now and in years to come (should the Lord tarry)— BLESSINGS in hearts and lives! And then— REWARDS at the Bema Seat of Christ— and CROWNS to place at the feet of our dear Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ! Oh, may we lay up treasures in heaven....and serve our Master and Lord! Shortly after I received Christ as my Savior, I too dedicated my life and desired that the Word of God be “central in my life” and now want it to continue to be so in all the opportunities that the Lord has for me to serve Him! Yes!.... to be pleasing (well-pleasing) to the Lord!
How much my heart was touched by the words that you said over that Interview over WDAC-FM: “The greatest work is imparting the Eternal Word of God to the eternal souls of men!” What a tremendous opportunity is possible!
We would now appreciate if you would grant your permission and approval in a letter (to use your messages that you shared at various places) and to be able to use “SCRIPTURE-CENTERED MINISTRIES” as a Heading over all your Bible messages. We will await your reply.

In His Service and with you in the ministry of the Word of God! (I Thess. 5:21)

Mr. & Mrs. George A. Ward, Directors
GOOD LIFE MINISTRIES, Inc./Liberty Bible Camp
Ephesians 5:16

(I Peter 1:25)

758 Jessanda Circle
Lakeland, Florida 33813
April 2, 1998
1730 Paulson Drive
York, Pennsylvania 17402

Attention: Mr. & Mrs. George A. Ward, Directors

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Ward:

In response to your letter requesting the use of the name of SCRIPTURE-CENTERED MINISTRIES (my former ministry which had been incorporated on April 26, 1979 in the State of Pennsylvania, but dissolved on December 31, 1980) to be now used as a Heading over the presentation of all my Bible Messages which Mrs. Ward has been transcribing for the Internet Web Site (WWW.LibertyCamp.ORG) from manuscripts or taped messages presented and shared at various churches, Bible conferences, and Christian organizations over the years of my ministry in the Word of God, I have no objection to your resurrection of the SCRIPTURE-CENTERED MINISTRIES’ name in any way you see fit. (All the rest of my books and notes will revert to GOOD LIFE MINISTRIES, Inc. anyway. So, you are welcome to use these as you wish.)

I would like to give a testimony by which the Lord will be magnified! My primary life’s verse (my Purpose) is found in Psalm 34:3, “O magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt His Name together.” My secondary verse (my Practice) is I Corinthians 4:2, “Moreover it is required in stewards, that a man be found faithful.” (I have made that verse very personal—Stuart, “....that he be found faithful!”); and the third verse (my Provision) is found in Romans 8:32, “He that spared not His own Son, but delivered Him up for us all, how shall He not with Him also freely give us all things?”

When I was eighteen [primarily because of the example and testimony of my brother, George, who is two years older than I], I gave my life to the Lord to serve Him wherever, whenever, however He saw fit; and I’m so glad that I did. I have no regret for having given my life to the Lord to serve Him! When I dedicated my life to the Lord, the Word of God became central in my life, and I want it to continue to be so in my ministry for Christ! In fact many have heard me say, and I have come to realize that “....heaven and earth [not just may pass away, but] shall pass away.” It was Peter who said, “Seeing then that all these things shall be dissolved, what manner of persons ought ye to be....!” You know, when heaven and earth pass away,......and they shall, what’s going to remain other than God Himself......THE ETERNAL WORD OF GOD.....and the eternal souls of men! Your soul....my soul....the soul of everyone is going to live on eternally either in the Presence of God or apart from His Presence; and what’s going to determine that?.....what they have done with this WORD, the WORD OF GOD! If one believes what this WORD says about God’s Son (the Lord Jesus Christ), that enables that one to go to Heaven and be in the Presence of God, eternally! If one doesn’t believe that, that one is eternally separated from God, now and for eternity! But, it’s this WORD! It’s this BOOK, the Bible....which makes the eternal difference; and therefore, I’m so glad for a place where this BOOK is honored, exalted, and clearly presented as it is and has been through the ministry of GOOD LIFE MINISTRIES, Inc., located at Liberty Bible Camp in York, Pennsylvania.

It is this BOOK again in which we’re going to have the privilege in sharing a series of SCRIPTURED-CENTERED Messages by the way of the Internet; and we ask the Spirit of God to open hearts as we open The BOOK.....THE ETERNAL WORD OF GOD!

As Co-laborers together in the work of the Lord, we will be praying that the WORD OF GOD will result in the edification of believers, the evangelization of the lost; and for pastors, missionaries, and many people around the world to be encouraged in the work of their ministries in sharing the GOOD NEWS, “....that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures; And that He was buried, and that He rose again the third day according to the Scriptures.” (I Corinthians 15:3-4)

Stuart E. Lease